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Why Solea

Solea dentists are experiencing efficiency gains of 25% – 40%, enabling them to routinely perform six or more additional procedures per day. Without anesthesia and bleeding, you save time. Lots of time. You don’t inject patients or wait for them to get numb. You can work in multiple quadrants in a single visit, fill cavities discovered during hygiene appointments in the same day, and do soft tissue procedures you would have referred out prior. Patients love getting more done in fewer visits and you will too.

Virtually Drill-Free

Solea is a complete paradigm shift in traditional dentistry. Without vibration, noise, needle or blood, you will deliver an entirely new experience for your patients. One that’s better from start to finish.

Fast and Easy

Solea’s unique 9.3 µm wavelength operates significantly faster and quieter than any other hard tissue laser on the market. Solea’s speed and reliably anesthesia-free performance mean you and your patients will benefit from dramatically-reduced chair time.


You’re In Control

Solea is the first Computer Aided Preparation (CAP) system in dentistry. It has a familiar handpiece, easy-to-navigate touch screen and an incredibly responsive variable speed foot pedal so you’ll be in complete command from the beginning. Solea is simple to use and can be mastered in just one day.

Anesthesia-Free or your Money Back

Solea dentists report doing more than 95% of their hard and soft tissue procedures without anesthesia. We are so sure you will too, we guarantee it. If you don’t perform at least 90 percent of your Solea procedures anesthesia-free within 90 days, you can return the system and get your money back.